A five part series exploring memory. It’s well known that we ‘remember’ things that have been repeated to us by friends, family. We may have some recollection but the telling and the retelling is what is remembered. Photographs become evidence of a memory/story that is told. I wrote at the time:

‘This started with a conversation online with my cousin about our dads’ Uncle Percy who died in WW2 aged 18 when he swapped places with his sister in the air raid shelter.  I was so struck by my mental image of Percy – someone whom I’ve never met – that I started thinking about other family and family friends.  My mum’s friend who spent 30 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit; another friend of my mum’s who stayed with us occasionally when he wasn’t an inpatient at the local mental hospital and who later committed suicide.  A collection of unconnected memories and stories that have a backdrop of a room – air raid shelter, prison cell, lonely basement – which for me are the landscape of the psyche’. 

I don’t know if I stand by this description now, but it was true for me at the time.

Left to Right: Leila, Neal, Geoff, Gary, Percy

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